Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day is soon to arrive again, so let’s show dads how much we appreciate them, by taking a look at some gifts dads will love!


It can be such a chore cutting the grass, that’s why dads do it! But now the LawnBott Robotic Lawn Mower is here, and what dad wouldn’t want one! The Mower is capable of mowing ¾ of an acre and as the mower has an adaptive programming feature, this will learn the growth pattern of your lawn over time and will automatically modify its mowing schedule around the needs of your lawn.

Another clever gadget is The Hot-Pot BBQ. This looks like any other terra cotta pot with a plant growing out the top that blends nicely into the garden. When you lift the top it reveals a metal grill, to use simply removes the metal grill and then add charcoal and then replace the metal grill an you are ready to bbq!

Best experience days

For our adrenaline junkie fathers out there, why not try Harness Sphering for two, this extreme sport involves getting into a big squidgy ball and being rolled down a steep hill but of course it’s all completely safe.

For whiskey loving fathers why not try Vinopolis Whisk master class, this is designed for individuals and groups where they can become whisk experts! You get to sample different whiskeys and because this is thirsty work you also get 10% discount at the Vinopolis wine bar.

Best breaks

Why not avoid holiday parks and try something different. Take your dad on a boating holiday; an invigorating experience like this has destinations up and down the country, from the Norfolk Broads all the way to the lochs of Scotland. It’s not your typical holiday, the views and experience should leave your father relaxed and feeling like a kid again.

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in an majestic environment why not try a holiday in a cottage. You can witness the beauty of the Highlands or see the UK’s fantastic coastlines; you can experience the calming surroundings or have fun at the local beach, but whatever you choose being in a cottage gives you the sense of seclusion and it’s a great place for your father to escape and have the freedom to choose the ambiance of the holiday.

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