How to Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Now

How to Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Now

Early Christmas shopping? Some people frown with the idea of shopping for Christmas gifts as early as September, however it turns out that this is a better idea.

Aside from the fact that you don't have to hustle with thousands of people rushing through their Christmas list, it's more effective and efficient when it comes to time and money management. Here are some tips on how to get your Christmas shopping in as early as now.

Create a List of who You're Buying Gifts for

Write down the names of people that you plan on giving gifts to on Christmas. Are you planning to give gifts to close friends and family-members only? Do you want to buy something for your neighbor across the street? Planning to give your co-workers a little token of appreciation? You can create an estimated total budget and work on saving your money to reach that certain amount if you know how many people you will be giving gifts to.

Set a Budget

Instead of finding what's left of your money in November or December, start planning a budget as early as now. Since you have already created a list of who to buy gifts for, allocate a certain budget per person. You're more likely to spend more on close friends and family than your co-workers. It's easier to save if you know how much money you need.

Decide What Kind of Gift Matches Each Person on Your List

If you're close with the receiver, you probably know what they like. Is your brother an electronic geek? Does your best friend adore Beyoncé? You can write down gift ideas next to their names and refer to this list whenever you go shopping. Or try listening closely when they speak about things that they want–this will help you pick something perfect for them.

Start as Early as December 26

The holiday rush may have ended as soon as December 25 ticked it's last minute, but there's no reason to slack off when it comes to holiday shopping. As a matter of fact, you will find great deals and promotions a day after Christmas. These are usually year-end sales of products that they want to dispose. It’s never too early when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities to find great deals.

Say Goodbye to Procrastination

Most of us are guilty of procrastination. We put off things that we can do now for no important reason then cram all of our shopping into the last minute. If there's one thing that you should not put off, it's shopping for your holiday gifts as early as now.

Create a timeline and be sure to stick to the plan. Say for example, you want to have all of your shopping done by the second week of December. The last thing you want is to wait until the last minute–put all of the gifts on your credit card and reach credit card debt or bankruptcy after the holidays.

Create a reminder in your calendar to do this task at least once in every two weeks. This is to ensure that you get the job done on its deadline.

Have a Shopping Plan

If you're one of the few people who doesn't love shopping, creating a shopping plan is a must.

How do you plan on doing your shopping? What's effective based on your schedule and resources?

If you're into finding unique things–try scouting local stores for great deals. These small businesses have wide arrays of personalized gifts at affordable prices.

You can also try your hands at online shopping. Aside from the convenience of shopping without having to suffer from foot pain due to constant walking, online stores offer great discounts and deals that you can avail. Check for websites that offer freebies such as coupon cards, cash backs and free shipping.

Keep Track of Presents

Since you're buying the gifts early, it's easy to lose track of where you put them and who the items are for. To keep this from happening, have a designated place where you put all the items that you've purchased.

Make sure that the area is safe from extreme temperature, mold, humidity, mice, and other factors that can ruin your presents. The designated area should not be an obvious place. Hide your gifts well, you don't want them lying around where the recipient or your kids may see them–it will spoil the surprise.

To remember who did you buy the presents for, write the recipient's name on removable tape or sticker. This way, you won't mistakenly give presents to the wrong people.

Start Shopping ASAP

Avoid experiencing the horror of holiday shopping rush and giving unnecessary gifts because you did not have enough time to prepare. If you start shopping for your holiday gifts as early as now, you're looking at a peaceful and easy breezy holiday season.

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