Are Debt Settlement Lawyers Heroes or Villains?

Do You Qualify For Debt Relief?

Do You Qualify For Debt Relief?

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Debt, more than likely, began in ancient times when animals could be exchanged for goods. The debt occurred when the animal in question was yet to be born. It is probable that these times also created the first debt settlement lawyer. Imagine a scene in which a farmer has promised the next born calf for goods now. Once the calf is born, the farmer may realize that it is unhealthy which may lead to some problems between the two parties. Enter the ancient negotiator and his use of a debt counseling program. The parties may agree to different stipulations, including subsequent animals or maybe even more animals than agreed from before. All of this is in the hands of the newly minted attorney as he works for the best interests of his client, the ancient farmer. More traditional lending did not become routine until more unified country boundaries replaced roving tribes of people. Money lending became more common when these unified boundaries contained countries that could prosper eternally and offer opportunities both to their citizens and outsiders.

In reality, the debt settlement lawyer, as a profession, was a creation of more modern times. As nations, businesses and individuals began to loan money; the eventual inability to repay by the debtor began to occur. Enter into the working world a specialist in negotiating and/or settling debts. This specialist became a lawyer who was keen on the financial and legal rights of debtors and their creditors. The attorney’s first task is to enter some form of debt counseling with the client to discover the magnitude of the financial quagmire. The attorney will then make propositions to the creditors to limit the damages to his client. This is similar to having a person in your corner, which will go out and fight a couple rounds for you, just to give you some information and ease of mind. Often times these unsung heroes will accomplish this task efficiently while minimizing long term damage.

For a person in debt, a debt settlement lawyer is more than a hero. First, by beginning a debt counseling program with the debtor, this attorney ensures them that they do not have to fight alone against creditors. Then by removing the stress of mounting bills, the attorney alleviates a direct stressor. Finally, upon negotiating new arrangements the attorney has given the person the one thing they never thought they would have again. That one thing is freedom and peace of mind. Therefore, to call lawyers who specialize in debt settlement heroes is to sell them short. In fact, they are so much more than just heroes. These lawyers are lifesavers and liberators to those who have become mired in debt.

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