How Do You Save Money?

We love hearing from our visitors about how they save money, and here is a great guest post submission from Sylvia Campbell:

Saving money is like my favorite thing. IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Last year my husband and I went on this incredible money saving kick and we started cutting back each and every way we could. We went to and found a cheaper energy supplier and we started recycling cans and we even sold a bunch of our old junk on Ebay! It worked out so well we ended up with over two thousand dollars at the end of the year and we went on a vacation to Aruba! So this year we really got serious about it…we started collecting water in big pails outside and growing our own fruits and vegetables. We’ve saved SO much money already just on the red peppers alone I think we should start selling them at the farmer’s market or something! Anyway, I feel financially responsible for the first time in my life and I know my husband is happy we’re finally putting money into savings. We’ve sold one of our cars, too, because we really didn’t need two since we live in a walkable area, and that’s gotten us lots of money in the bank we didn’t have before. Not to mention all the money we save on gas and maintenance. If everyone could figure out how to put a few dollars a week away that they weren’t before everyone in the US would be in better shape than they are right now. I think it’s crazy how much money we were just throwing away when we look back now and what was going in and out – I never want to go back to that place again where money’s just hemorrhaging from our wallets! Being responsible is something I want to be more and more the older I get and I always thought getting married would make me feel responsible but guess I was wrong! Who knew how much stuff I had left to learn…

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