How to Score a New Wardrobe for Under $100

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Are you the girl who starts shopping for a new summer wardrobe in February? If you’re the fashionista of your friends, it’s time to stop spending your hard earned money on what you can get for next to nothing. Recycling your clothes is a fantastic way to fill your closet with new-to-you clothes for pennies on the dollar. If you’ve never tried your hand at recycling your clothing, here are five ways that you can score a new wardrobe:

Host a Swap Party

Have you been searching for a theme for your next great bash? Instead of making your friends dress up in strange costumes or spend days getting a dish ready for your potluck, host a clothes-swapping party. Grab a few bottles of wine, cut up a block or two of cheese, and open a box of crackers. Pop your iPod into its dock and turn on some great music. The rules of the party are simple: Each friend brings a predetermined number of articles of clothing, and you and your friends swap amongst each other. Make sure that you stipulate that the clothes are in gently-used to new condition; you don’t want anyone trading a worn out top for brand new jeans.

Cut it Up

With a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, you can create a new wardrobe out of the items currently hanging in your closet.

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Let your imagination flow and get creative. An old tee can be recycled into a great skirt, a tank top can be transformed into a tube top for summer, and your favorite pair of pants can be transformed into fabulous shorts. If you’re struggling for ideas, look online for a bit of inspiration. Not everyone has skills on the sewing machine; hem tape or stitch wizard works just as well.

Bedazzling is Back

You know that old, go-to tee shirt that’s sitting in your drawer? Pull it out, add an iron-on patch, and transform it into something new. Your old jeans can be turned into something fabulous if you add a few rhinestones to the tops of the pockets. Rip a slit into the back of your tank top and add safety pins.

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Your clothing can be embellished in dozens of ways. Look through fashion magazines to see what’s hot for the upcoming season, get out your ephemera and get to work.

Consignment Shop Gold Mine

Many consignment and charity shops will give you credit for your used clothing. Package the clothes that you aren’t wearing any more, take them down to your local charity shop, and see how much you can get for your old wardrobe. Use the credit that you receive to purchase other people’s drop-offs. One of the best times to do this is right after the holidays; many people take their unwanted gifts to consignment shops rather than bothering to return them. Someone's discards may be your new treasures.

Have a Tag Sale

Yard sales and garage sales are incredibly popular. If you advertise properly, hold your sale on the weekend, and offer your clothes for a decent price, you can expect to raise a decent amount of money. Not only will you be offering your amazing clothes at a great price, but the money that you make can be used to replace what you’ve sold. Make sure that you advertise your sale at least a week ahead of time, include a brief description of what you’ll have for sale, and make sure that you’re willing to negotiate. If you keep your prices at $5 or less, you’ll be sure to make a killing.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars at the turn of each season simply to look good. By recycling your clothing, you can get a great, new-to-you wardrobe on the cheap. The only person that will know you didn’t go to the boutique is you.

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