Learning how to sell online is as simple as typing, and clicking with a mouse. There are literally thousands of websites you can sell your products, services, crafts, baked goods, and just about anything else you can thing of (yes, even dirty socks have been sold online).

You can go to your favorite online store and open an account. Some of the most popular are:

• Amazon.com
• eBay.com
• fiverr.com
• Yarlseller.com
• Esty.com
• And even Facebook and Twitter

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selling online. You can sell in the internet just by opening a simple free blog as well. The one key to being a successful seller is to promote your site. You can do this with flyers in your local area and you can promote online using the social networking sties.

Also, when you decide to learn how to sell online, be sure you are actually ready to sell. Many new sellers make the mistake of setting up their online store, but are not ready for the influx of buyers. This can give your business a bad name and may cost you new clients, as well as return customers.

So, have fun with it, but be prepared before you open your site for business. Good luck to you in your new venture!