Late Fall and Winter Style for the Dollar-Conscious Fashionista

Late Fall and Winter Style for the Dollar-Conscious Fashionista

There’s something about fall and winter fashion, isn’t there? Although the more feminine and floral offerings of the spring and summer lines in stores is alluring and all, when it comes to wrapping up for the chillier season, there arrives also an appealing romantic concept: you imagine yourself wrapped in deep gem-like colors, long scarf trailing temptingly, and a dark grey turtleneck that rises just right to a centimeter or so beneath your chin (lips painted in equally deep color, of course), with an off-setting beige long skirt that brushes to your ankle boots (never below), your feet crunching through fallen brown and red leaves crisp with frost…

A wonderful image worthy of a photographer and upload to Pinterest, and yet the prices of these pieces of seasonal fashion are often well beyond the budget of most of us. Whoever came up with the concept of changing one’s wardrobe each season, clearly had no concept of realistic cash flow. Nonetheless, there exists in the fashion conscious a driving need to obtain their goals: that’s when they resort to their own skillset.

Keeping on Trend – Idea Watching, Textile Shopping

Despite not being able to go into the nicer stores and run wild with your credit card (if, of course, you’re sensible and not suddenly driven by a random, debt-incurring madness; let’s call it fashion fever, if you will), that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the season’s styles from afar. Window shop, magazine flick, and drool over corduroy and crushed velvet to your heart’s content – what you’re doing is personal market research, filing away ideas to replicate through your own raw talent.

That’s right: why shop when you can sew? The best designers started somewhere, mood-boarding in a studio (whatever passed as such a space in their early pre-careers), shopped for wholesale fabric, and used their own talent and eager hands to replicate (and ameliorate) what they couldn’t afford. The key is to pick the best, most suitable fabric and to plan ahead. You don’t want to skip the “mood-board” stage and get straight to the shopping (enjoyable as that is), as you’ll end up with lengths of one style and not enough of another textile. Indeed, designing your own clothes for fall and winter doesn’t require a fashion degree, of course, but it does oblige you to be precise with measurements and clear about your end “product”.

Knowing Your Limits & the Showcase

Evidently, there will be limits to what you can design and make yourself (coats, for example, are probably wise to stay away from), but skirts, winter dresses, trousers, and sweaters (that’s not to say grandma knit, either) are fully able to be made by normal, style-conscious women with a little time and effort. Plus, there’s nothing more uplifting than to be wearing one of your creations and someone at a party, glass and canapé in hand professes an adoration for your outfit. They enquire as to the label: how wonderful to be able to say by your own hand.

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