Marketing Isn’t Always about Selling

The common misconception about marketing is that you need to do it only because you want to sell your products.

Marketing Isn’t Always about Selling

The truth is that marketing isn't only about selling products. You're also trying to introduce your brand. Therefore, it's not necessary to always tell people to take their wallets out and buy. If you have already established your brand, it's easy for people to believe in your products and spend their money organically.

Publish useful information

Instead of forcing people to buy your products, you can provide them with information they could use in their lives. For instance, if you're selling organic foods, you can post articles about the benefits of organic foods or how they can prepare organic dishes at home. In a way, you're telling everyone about the value of what you're selling without directly doing it.

Provide links to other sites

You also need to use the opportunity to share with your target audience essential sites they could use if they want to get more information. For instance, if you’re selling sports equipment, you can post links containing the latest sports news and analysis. In a way, you keep their interest in sports alive. You aren’t necessarily selling the products to them, but you keep them engaged. 

Create activities or sponsor them

Marketing comes in many forms. One of them is through sponsorship. It seems weird that you’re going to lose money in the process, but it’s okay. You have the chance to introduce your business to many people and even convince them to buy your products during the event. Even if you don’t get that chance, you can still create a positive brand because you support a local event. By creating activities, you’re also helping boost your brand. You can publish information about the activity and remind everyone of how fun it is to stay connected with your brand. 

You could also take advantage of events to offer promotional products. However, you probably shouldn't go with the generic branded pens or USB's. Make it about your business and customers and consider the utility of the product. For example, if you own a healthy foods shop (online or otherwise), then most likely, your customers are plastic averse and most of them will also be eco-conscious. In this case, you could offer something like a promotional collapsible stainless steel straw kit. How much brand exposure will you get with repeated use? You get the point!

Avoid disparaging other brands

In your effort to boost your brand, you might end up disparaging others. It’s a big no. It worked before because people loved seeing brands compete, but it looks rude when done today. It also indicates your lack of confidence in your brand that you need to resort to this childish attack to boost your business. Make sure that you focus on why people need to choose you over other options in terms of what they’re getting, like quality products or affordable items.

Don’t keep pushing your products

At some point, people might feel irritated by the idea that you always tell them what to do. They won't believe in the products anymore. They will think that you're only after income and have little regard for what's best for your target audience.

It doesn't mean that you have to stop advertising completely. Simply try determining your priorities and try pacing things out. You also need to be creative in coming up with ways to advertise your products to avoid making people feel bored and annoyed. 

For instance, if you tried social media campaigns before, you can opt for Pop up Banners as a more traditional campaign strategy.

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