Sell Used Clothes, Shoes & Handbags For Cash

Sell Used Clothes & Accessories For Cash!

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Do you have clothes that no longer fit? Or a handbag that is collecting dust? Or shoes you bought because they were cute but don't fit right? Or do you just need some extra cash?

Make money from clothes and accessories that are just sitting in your closet.

You could have a garage sale or bring your used clothes, shoes and handbags to a consignment shop, but I guarantee that you will make more money selling your goods to one of the following online stores that buy used clothing, shoes, handbags and even jewelry as you'll have a broader audience that is looking to buy what you no longer wear.

  • Rebagg – They buy authenic designer handbags. Upload photos for offer.
  • The Real Real – Request a Free Consignment Kit that includes box and prepaid FedEx shipping label to mail in your luxury items and jewelry.
  • ThredUp – Request a “Clean Out Kit” to mail in your clothes from their “Brand List” which includes Forever 21, Gymboree, Old Navy, Nike, Calvin Klein, Carter's, Charlotte Russ, Under Armour and more.
  • Tradesy – Sell any fashion item in good condition, including wedding dresses, shoes and accessories.
  • LXR & Co – They will appraise and buy your luxury handbag for cash.
  • Ebay – I suggest Ebay as a last resort if the above stores don't accept your items as their seller fees can get quite high. Plus I advise offering free shipping to attract more buyers, but those shipping costs come out of your profits, so keep that in mind when setting your price.

If you have items that don't sell, consider donating them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and ask for a receipt so you can write your charitable contribution off on your taxes.

Are we missing any stores that buy used clothing and accessories? Leave a comment, and let us know!

Sell Used Clothes For Cash

Sell Used Clothes, Shoes & Handbags For Cash

Sell Used Clothes & Accessories For Cash!

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