Website Review: Deal Dash

Deal Dash is the new place to not pay retail. It is a penny auction site where you can win auctions for pennies on the dollar. Imagine winning expensive appliances for a fraction of what they retail. That is what DealDash is all about. The products are brand new from the factory that come with an original warranty. The shipping is fast and there is no reserve price on any auction. Compare this to other auction sites such as Ebay and see what the difference is.

On Deal Dash, there is no membership fee so you can try DealDash risk free. You only have to purchase a Bid Pack before you can being bidding on the auction. The way that the auction works is that each new bid raises the bid price by one penny. There are no hidden fees or tricks. Just bid until the auction ends then pay the final winning price. If you do not win the auction then you get all of your bids back if you buy it now. The Buy it Now option allows bidders that lose the auction to buy the item they were bidding on at regular price and get back all the bids used in the auction free. The website says that there are no hidden fees and it doesn’t cost to use the site. Deal Dash is the new marketplace, so be sure to read all of the fine print before bidding.

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