Top 3 Unusual Tips to Shop on a Budget

Face it. Prices have increased and the inflation rates are high than ever before. Whether it is food, clothes, shoes or any other thing you buy, you will find that you are paying a lot more for it this year than you did last year. And, there is no hope that the prices will drop. They never do! Since it is not possible to stop shopping, what you can do is start budget-shopping. Trim your expenses so that you don’t feel the pinch. Given below are the top 3 unusual tips to help you shop on a budget.

Shop Alone – Shopping alone is much better than shopping with friends or children.

When you have company, you are usually distracted and many times, end up making impulse purchases than can exceed your budget. If the expense exceeds your budget, then you will be tempted to use your credit card instead of debit card and that is much more dangerous.

A debit card will compel you to stay within your limit and you will spend only that amount which you have. But if you use your credit card and your expenditure come to say, $100 and you pay the minimum of $10 with interest of 18%, then the total expense would be more than the original cost of the item. It would also take a long time to pay off the debt.

When you shop alone, you will take the time to check out unit prices and compare them to bulk prices. You will have the time to compare prices of various dealers before you buy.

Avoid Products That Are at Eye-level – Have you ever noticed how eye-level products are attractively wrapped and immediately snag your attention? But when you pick up these products, they also happen to be the most expensive. They are branded and are not available at discounts.

So, what do you do? The best thing would be to look for those products that are placed at the back or in some obscure corner. Instead of looking for eye level products with brand names, ask for generic products. The store may have its own products that will be cheaper. And they will look and taste the same. You will never know the difference. You can also look for bargains and the sale rack.

Follow the 30/70 Rule – This is a tip that you must follow when you are shopping for clothes. The 30-70 rule says that 30% of your closet should have trendy clothes and 70% should have classic wear. The classic wear will never be outdated and you will only have to buy trendy clothes. When you are shopping for trendy clothes, ensure that you buy only what is cheap since what you are buying today will be out of fashion tomorrow.

One of the most common advices is to research the products online. Bookmark sites like to avoid the trouble and buy stuff at reasonable prices without having to browse through ten sites in comparing prices because you already know where your best bet is.

Shopping on a budget can be fun since you really have to look for what you want. You can’t compromise on the quality but you shouldn’t spend too much either. So when you are shopping, take time out and don’t be in a rush. That will only make you spend more and exceed your budget.

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