Top Financial Bloggers To Follow On Instagram


If you have an Instagram account, chances are you only scroll through the amazing, fabulous photos of travel and adventure, food, fashion and lifestyle. But have you ever considered going for something more impactful, more practical and more profitable to you? Has personal finance ever crossed your mind while you browse through the various posts on Instagram?

While it may not seem like the most favorable place to outsource inspiration on how to grow you financially, Instagram has had quite a significant impact. And to give some direction on where to find the best advice you could help build you up, here are 5 financial bloggers you definitely need to follow because you already follow @shoppingkim, right? 


Whether you want advice on starting a business, growing a business, paying a loan or budgeting, @clevergirlfinance is an absolute go-to. The popularity of this account is mainly attributed to the great advice provided on wedding planning as well as working towards your first home. Run by successful entrepreneur and blogger Bola Onada Sokunbi, this account aimed at providing a ton of actionable personal finance advice. This includes everything else that you need to do in order to achieve financial freedom even on a low income. Most of the posts on her profile link to her blog, where you will find further information on how to go about your entrepreneurial ventures in order to realize great returns. The Small Business Blog does have some solid info to share with you regarding such techniques.


You have probably heard of him, the permanently innovating, wealthy creator of Virgin who is always having fun. Richard Branson’s approach on financial management is a little different – he likes to mix business with pleasure, and a little pun here and there. All the same, he is one unusual guy with a huge passion for the luxurious lifestyle and the extraordinary. And yes, he does work extremely hard. He has had immense success in his business and career, which he shares through banners, pics and videos. In his account is where you will find catchy images and infographics that will inspire you to stop making excuses and take action. This, he says, can be achieved by walking backward from typical financial missteps. Given his popularity in the field, he is a pretty huge inspiration and role model to most successful self-starters. 


For ladies itching to be their own bosses, @girlboss should be on your radar. This account was founded and is run by the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. She claims to fame The Girlboss Book that was recently turned into a TV series on Netflix. Her success cuts across all borders and there’s no denying that she is quite the inspiration for young, independent female entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. The foundation upon which it was built was amassing personal wealth among women while providing them with a life of free of debt. The account has quite a wealth of very useful information provided by a community of strong-willed ambitious women who entertain and inform through the content they create and share. 


This is one amazing account that is primarily focused on providing financial advice especially to millennials on how to quit trading time for money. Paula Pant of Afford Anything creates posts and podcasts that are meant to address the spending habits and money mistakes made in order to find a solution that works better and brings more to the table. Due to the increased number of millennials within the workforce, investment and saving advice tailored to them through the platform can ultimately help in development of better money-behavior and in the achievement of personal goals. Her driving force is the fact that she quit her job for financial independence, an aspect that most people may not find as appealing yet one that is very valid and reliable. 


Any foodie will tell you how much satisfaction you can get just from looking at food pics. That’s right, food bloggers are also part of the great personal finance picture. And @budgetbytes can attest to it. This account brings out a healthy blend of food and personal finance. In it is a recipe for every dish and a breakdown on the cost of the ingredients, where you can find them at a cheaper price, more affordable yet similarly delicious alternatives and how you can utilize leftover food rather than throwing them out. The account provides a solution that is not only smart for your body but also great for your budget. 

Closing Remarks 

Inasmuch as this article shines a spotlight on individuals, there are many successful brands with excellent Instagram accounts that you can look up to. Between these you can find a perfect mix of videos, business tips, money quotes among other useful content. If you want to be better with money, maybe it’s time to hop over to Instagram to find the inspiration you are so much in need of. 

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