Tricky Entrees: How to Get the Whole Family Eating Healthier

For families looking to practice a healthy lifestyle together, and change what they eat, the transition can often be challenging. It can be difficult to cut out certain foods, avoid eating out, or make alterations to the dinner menu.

family eating at the table together

Instead of forcing each family member to eat healthy, there are a few steps to take to make it a group effort, where everyone is involved.

Plan Out the Meals Together

To ensure each person eats their dinner and truly enjoys it, it's important to plan out healthy meals as a family before the week begins. This will allow everyone to agree on certain meals that are healthy, but still appetizing. Use a calendar on the fridge that lists the dinners throughout the week, which will prevent the kids or a spouse from putting up a fight when it comes time to eat.

Offer a Variety

Show your family they can truly enjoy eating healthy by offering a variety of different foods in the home. Introduce them to vegetables or fruits that they may not be aware of, and try new products everyone can test together and enjoy. Having different flavors available will make it easy to cut out junk food and processed items without becoming bored with the new foods.

Try New Recipes

Instead of sticking with salads and fish for dinner each night, research different recipes online at that you can try. From decadent sides to holiday dishes, it will allow you to experiment and learn how to cook with healthier ingredients.

Find Healthier Alternatives

Instead of cutting out your favorite foods while eating healthy as a family, make healthier alternatives that allow you to enjoy your most beloved dishes. Use sprouted whole wheat noodles when making pasta, add more vegetables to a lasagna dish, and opt for adding vegetable puree to sauces or baked goods for added nutrients. The small changes will be minimal, and easy to adjust to for each family member.

When it comes to getting the whole family to eat healthier and choose natural options, there are several ways to transform each person's diet, and help them become a willing participant. Instead of fighting at the dinner table, you can now enjoy the transition together by trying new recipes, and sneaking in healthier ingredients into the dishes that are made.

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