Website Review: Social Clerks is the place to get free followers on twitter and other pages whether such as YouTube, Digg, Facebook, and the list goes on. The way it works is you sign up for a free account at SocialClerks. The next step is to follow/like/view pages. This activity will in turn earn you credits so that you can earn more follows/likes/views of your own for your page. You can continue and repeat the cycle to get more and more interest in your pages.

SocialClerks also has a forum where you can go and ask questions and find out what has worked for other members. There are separate tabs for each page that you might want to attract traffic too. Now you might be wondering how this will benefit you. Well, for some sites, the more followers and traffic that you have going to your page, the more visible that page is. It will start showing up on search engines and on that sites page when a new user is looking around. The possibilities on how added followers can benefit you are endless. is a good investment of time for people that are looking to obtain more followers for their webpage whether it is Twitter, Facebook, or another site.

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