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Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny
Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny

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My brother, Mike, works for iGroupStudios who manages Suze Orman's website, so he has got the privilege of meeting Suze a few times. He has even got me an autographed copy of Suze's newest book, Women & Money.

I was hoping I would get the pleasure of meeting Suze while in New York City a couple of months ago when Mike and my mom and her friends (both women) and I visited.  But Suze was out of town, so Mike teased that while Suze was on her “Women & Money tour”, he was on his “Women & Mike tour”. It was a good time regardless.

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With the book comes a special offer “Follow Suze's Save Yourself Plan and Get $100” and it goes on to say to “Please tell every woman you know about this special offer” so that's what I'm doing (although I'm sure the offer doesn't discriminate against my male readers).

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Here's the scoop…

  1. Go to www.saveyourselfplan.com before 3/31/08
  2. Enter the Save Yourself offer code: 701
  3. Click on the link to open a new TD AMERITRADE (non-retirement) account.
  4. Arrange for a direct deposit of at least $50 per month into the account for twelve consecutive months.
  5. After the twelfth month, TD AMERITRADE will pay you a $100 BONUS.

I just signed up myself!  Making $100 on a $600 investment is a 16.7% return! I may even send in my Travelzoo stock certificates – does anyone else remembering getting free shares of stock that Travelzoo.com was giving away about 10 years ago to promote their site? I received eight shares, which as of today are worth $13.08 each = $104.64.


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