5 Tips for Saving Money on Clothes

5 Tips for Saving Money on Clothes

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5 Tips for Saving Money on Clothes

With rapidly changing styles, the amount of money you spend on clothes per year might surprise you. In fact, the average American spends over $1,400 per year on clothing. If you are trying to cut back or pay off debt, this number can throw off your whole budget. Here are five timely tips for how to save money on all of your clothes.

Preserve the Clothes You Have

Many clothes are mass-manufactured these days, meaning that the quality of the fabrics and the stitching may not be all that great. Therefore, you may notice seams beginning to split, colors beginning to fade and buttons beginning to loosen shortly after you buy a new clothing item. By being proactive to preserve your clothes, you will find that they last longer than usual, negating the need for buying more. Be sure to wear an undershirt or camisole underneath your shirts to protect your better garments from the oils and sweat of your body. Keep stretchy clothes folded carefully in drawers to protect the fibers from being stretched. Always follow laundering directions for all your clothes and be sure to wash or dry clean clothes before hanging them back with your clean clothes in the closet.

Find Sales

If you are looking for new clothing that is on-trend, you will want to purchase new clothes rather than used. However, your best bet may be to shop a season late when items are still in fashion but prices are significantly reduced due to stores trying to clear out racks to make room for new merchandise. Also, always shop with coupons or during sales. Use coupon and discount apps to get coupons right on your mobile device, and clip coupons for department stores from your local newspaper. When shopping online, use coupon codes, sign up for sale alerts via email and sign up for services that allow you to earn cash back as you shop.

Shop Consignment Stores

While thrift stores can have plenty of budget-friendly clothes, the clothes are generally not in as good of repair as are those that consignment shops offer. Most consignment shops have strict policies as to only accepting certain brands and seasons of clothing and are very picky when it comes to clothing quality. Consider using one of the several online consignment stores that are now available where you will find huge selections of formal and casual clothing. Also, make money for new clothing by selling your unwanted clothing at a local consignment store.

Choose Quality over Quantity

For classic pieces that you know you will wear for a long time, do not worry about spending more for a high quality piece. If you are shopping for trendy items that you will only wear a season or two, you can shop the cheaper racks. Most trends you can safely miss out on without looking too out of place.

Do Not Worry about Brand Name for Certain Basics

Shop the bargain racks or lower quality brands for certain basics that are bound to wear out quickly. For example, a camisole, cap sleeve undershirt or basic T-shirt will look nearly identical no matter what brand you choose. The pieces that you want to spend more money on are those that you wear over your basics.

Sometimes, spending a bit more money in the first place will actually save you in the long run, working as a wise investment. However, the key is knowing which pieces are worth spending the money on and which pieces are best left as basic closet staples. Whether you are a fashionista or simply need comfortable, classic clothing for the office, these five tips are sure to save you money on your ever-changing wardrobe.

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