7 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

7 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

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Last updated on April 7, 2021

According to CNBC, 65 percent of Americans aren't saving any money. Meanwhile, those who do save aren't putting away much.

7 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Day

If a rainy day hits, you won't be prepared with an emergency fund. Instead of banking on a practically empty savings account, discover ways to save money every day instead.

That way, you can cut down day-to-day expenses and start saving for that rainy day. Use this list of seven ways to save money and start preparing just in case!

1. Plan Your Meals

After a long day at work, some of us are too tired to make dinner. Stopping by the local fast food joint is a lot easier. However, it's not easier on your wallet.

Instead of spending on takeout, plan your meals ahead of time. You can also write up a grocery list with the week's essentials—and force yourself to stick to it.

That way, you won't make any impulse buys at the grocery store. Planning your meals ahead of time will help you save money every day and cut down on stress, too!

2. Wait Before You Buy

Sometimes we can all get a little carried away with online shopping. According to Statista, 1.8 billion people worldwide shopped online in 2018.

Instead of letting the online impulse buys eat away at your wallet, make online shopping one of your ways to save money every day.

Wait 48 hours before making an online purchase. That way, you can think it through before spending.

3. Keep Track

Take a look at how much you're spending every month.

Make a list of what's essential, then set a budget for different categories. These can include groceries, transportation, and entertainment. That way, you can stick to a monthly budget for each one and control your spending.

Once you've tracked where you're spending, determine areas where you can cut costs. Taking a look at your spending habits can tell you where you're breaking the bank.

4. Side Hustle

You can also work extra hours or pick up a side hustle to make some extra cash. 

Have fun with it! Playing Online Bingo with Blighty is also a fun way you can make money—especially when the games are free to play.

5. Repair and Restore

Don't toss out clothing or household items that have a little wear and tear. 

Instead, learn how to make your own repairs. This can help you save money on clothing, books, and other items that just need a little TLC.

6. Use Coupons

Start clipping! Coupons can help you save instead of spend.

Also, keep a look out for weekly and monthly deals for more ways to save.

7. Manage Paid Subscriptions

How often do you actually use Netflix and Spotify? And let's be honest: when was the last time you used your gym membership?

Review all of your paid subscriptions and determine where you can cut costs.

Cha-Ching! 7 Ways to Save Money Every Day

With this list of seven ways to save money every day, you can start building that rainy day nest egg. That way, you're prepared when an emergency strikes.

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