Are These 3 Gadget Upgrades Really Worth It?

Are These 3 Gadget Upgrades Really Worth It?

It seems as though new technology is hitting the market almost daily, which makes it hard to determine which gadgets are truly worth your investment. And as these new gadgets come out, feature upgrades aren’t always as frequent. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular gadgets on the market today to determine if they’re worth upgrading to. 


When you think of the hottest new technology, one of the first gadgets that come to mind is smartphones. Apple and Android seem to be coming out with new phones constantly and it can be hard to keep up with the latest version. For example, Apple launched the iPhone 8 in September 2017 and just one month later they released the iPhone X. One of the biggest differences between the two was that the iPhone X was over 40 percent more expensive than its forerunner, which left many people wondering if upgrading to the newest version was really worth it. The X is almost identical compared to the 8 aside from the fact that the display is much larger and it comes with facial recognition identification technology. In this case, the $300 more upgrade to the iPhone X is only a reasonable upgrade if face ID and larger screen size are must-haves on your list. Otherwise, the two phones have essentially the exact same performance, cameras, battery life and storage. 


Although some gadgets are not worth the extra money, there is one meaningful upgrade that recently hit the market: 4G LTE laptops. Of course, there are tons of options when choosing a laptop, but the 4G laptops are changing the way we connect and communicate. This is because 4G LTE, or the 4th generation of data technology, allows for high-speed data to function at the fastest possible speed that is available for phones and other mobile devices today. These laptops have the capability to connect virtually anytime, anywhere. Unlike their predecessors, 4G LTE laptops have built-in 4G LTE cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to help boost productivity and keep you connected everywhere you go. With higher efficiency, speed and battery life, upgrading to a 4G LTE laptop is definitely worth upgrading to, especially if you’re always on the go. 

Bluetooth Speakers

Other gadgets that are increasingly popular are second generation Bluetooth speakers with voice assistants. Second generation Bluetooth speakers like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are making their way onto shelves and online carts across the globe. The Amazon Echo 2 is a recent upgrade from the original Amazon Echo that launched in 2014. The second generation still does everything the first generation does like play music via Spotify and other internet music streaming platforms, tell you the weather and news, answer questions, control other smart home devices and more. However, the Amazon Echo 2 is much smaller and has more design options, is equipped with better audio and Alexa features, and is much cheaper than the original. Because of this, it’s worth upgrading to the second generation for more features and less money out of your pocket. 

Deciding whether or not a gadget upgrade is worth it or not can be frustrating since there are so many options out there. Hopefully, these examples will help you determine which gadgets are worth upgrading to so that you can start utilizing some of the most innovative technology available today.

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