Do Your Back-to-School Shopping Early to Get the Best Deals

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When do you start thinking about back-to-school shopping? For a lot of parents, they start thinking about back to school shopping the week before school is scheduled to start. Unfortunately, this is when prices are at an all-time high, whether you are looking for school supplies, clothes, or shoes.

Today we will share a few tips to ensure that you do not have to pay insanely high prices for school supplies this year.

Shop Clearance Year Round

Shopping in the clearance sections throughout the year is a great way to grab some discounted school supplies. If you are in need of the basic school supplies such as pencils, crayons, etc., watch for them to go on sale right after school has started. If you have already missed these sales, you can monitor your favorite store's clearance section to see if they have any school supplies.

The same goes for school clothes and shoes. Watching for sales throughout the year on popular items like girls skirts and shorts. The same rules apply when looking for clothes, look for them to go on sale after the season. So if you are shopping for a winter coat, you would want to shop at the end of winter to get the best price.

Start a Stockpile

Starting a stockpile is an effective way to keep all of the school supplies that you accumulate from shopping the sales. A great way to keep your kids out of these school supplies until it is actually time for the new school year is to put them in a tote with a lid. Not only will this encourage the kids to wait until they actually need the supplies to use them, but it will also help to keep the school supplies contained instead of having them cluttered throughout your home.

Know Where to Find Deals

It is easy to say that you will shop the clearance section and keep an eye out for deals, but in reality, it can be difficult to find the deals when it is so simple to just grab the normally priced item and toss it into your cart.

If you use social media or your phone, following deal websites or downloading deal apps is a great way to find good deals on back to school items. You can check out some discount-item websites that have a search bar on their website so you can type in the item you are looking for if you are in a hurry and it will bring up the items that are on sale that week.

If you check these sites regularly or follow them on social media, you may find time-sensitive deals on school supplies and be able to stock up. Another bonus is that these websites often feature deals that have free shipping, so you never have to leave your house to save money!

A word of caution if you choose to follow these websites, they post A LOT of deals! It can be very tempting to buy items you don't really need if you follow them on social media. Keeping this in mind will hopefully help you to only purchase items you need so that you can still be saving money!

Reuse When Possible

While looking for deals is a great idea to save money on school supplies, you can reduce waste and save even more money by reusing school supplies when possible. For example, if your child has a durable folder that they used last year and it is still in good shape, you may be able to use it again. Add some stickers to make the folder feel like new! Try to reuse durable items because it is unlikely that you will be able to reuse items like notebooks.

Overall, remember to shop early (or right after school starts) to get the best deals on all things school related. Also check bargain websites and remember to reuse when possible!

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