Fun Classroom Activities for Presidents’ Day

Every third Monday of February, Americans celebrate Presidents’ day in honor of the lives and accomplishments of America’s presidents. It was originally established in 1885 as a commemoration of George Washington’s birthday. The holiday became recognized as Presidents’ Day in 1971 because of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which moved several holidays to Mondays to create three-day weekends that benefit the nation’s workers.

Presidents’ Day is a great opportunity to teach students the history of our country and the legacy of our presidents, particularly George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two of our country’s greatest leaders. Aside from lectures and discussions, kids will enjoy learning more about the presidents through fun and engaging classroom activities.

Here are some activities that you can use in your classroom or study room to teach young students about the meaning of Presidents Day.

Make your own Abraham Lincoln Top Hat

Free Printable Presidents Day Arts and Crafts

A fun way to learn about our 16th president is to recreate his famous black top hat using school materials like construction paper and paper plates. Get instructions on how to make a DIY Abe Lincoln top hat from Printable Learning.

Get coloring!

Coloring pages are a fun and engaging way for young kids, especially those in kindergarten, to learn about two of our greatest presidents. This arts and crafts book from Printable Learning offers coloring pages complete with important facts about Washington and Lincoln.

Throw a Presidents Day party

The kids will definitely have a ton of fun and at the same time learn about the presidents when you throw presidents and USA-themed party. Make the party even more fun by letting every one dress up as their favorite president. Printable Learning’s Presidents Day Arts and Crafts include free masks you can print out. All you need is sturdy paper, good ink, and scissors!

Happy Presidents Day!

Fun Classroom Activities for Presidents’ Day

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