Hot HP Ink Deal!

I usually buy ink cartridges for my two Hewlett-Packard printers directly from as they tend to be less expensive than other places. Plus they offer Free Next-Day Shipping on All Ink, Toner and Paper and a Free My Print Rewards Programs that offers exclusive offer and reward savings.

Plus, right now, Hewlett Packard is offering a $10 Rebate on HP Ink Multipacks through the end of the month!

And it gets better! has a limited stock of HP Twinpacks on Sale Plus Free Shipping! If you lift the lid of your printer, the HP number that you need is stamped on the top of the cartridges…

HP No. 14 Tricolor Inkjet Cartridge, Twinpack C9342FN#140 – $42.99
HP No. 14d Black Inkjet Cartridge, Twinpack C9330FN#140 – $31.99
HP No. 15 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge, Twinpack C6653FN#140 – $39.99
HP No. 27 Black Inkjet Cartridges, Twinpack C9322FN#140 – $22.99
HP No. 45 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge, Twinpack C6650FN#140 – $39.99
HP No. 56 Black Cartridge, Twinpack C9319FN#140 – $27.99
HP No. 57 Tri-Color Cartridge, Twinpack C9320FN#140 – $44.99
HP No. 92 Black Inkjet with Vivera Ink, Twinpack C9512FN#140  – $19.99
HP No. 94 Black InkJet with Vivera Ink Twinpack C9350FN#140 – $26.99
HP No. 96 Ink Cartridges Twinpack C9348FN#140 – $42.99
HP No. 97 Tricolor Inkjet Cartridges, Twinpack C9349FN#140 – $42.99
HP No. 98 Black Inkjet Cartridges, Twinpack C9514FN#140 – $26.99

Don't forget to send in your rebate after you receive your order to get $10 back!! Now you can print more coupons!!

P.S. I forgot to mention that if you are new to Google Checkout, you can save another $10 off the prices above! That's darn near free ink after rebates and discounts!

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