The Frugal Millennial: Gift Making Through Modern Tech

The Frugal Millennial: Gift Making Through Modern Tech

There is one universal truth that couldn’t ring any louder in the modern era. It’s the fact that technology has always been our best strength in order to survive and thrive. And well, almost everything can be monetized if you’re able to find the right platform and if you actually bring something of value to the market.

One business in particular has been flourishing recently, especially with the introduction of new tech that could help revolutionize the way we craft our works of art. Laser engraving machines, 3D printers, and digital printers — all these are machines that can greatly aid us in crafting some of the coolest gifts. These machines are a great investment, especially in the long run, for people who have enough artistic talent. Not only do you save money when you make these gifts yourself, you can also potentially earn an income by doing so.

T-Shirt Printing

This is first because it’s also the most common. Graphic tees are trendy in the fashion world, and even for those who don’t really care too much for fashion it’s a chance to showcase a bit of personality. Printed t-shirts that come with pop culture designs are among the most popular items — just make sure to use quality prints and shirts.

Greeting Cards

There’s one for every occasion, and there are even others that revolve around the “just because” theme. These are simple to make and with the right materials, you could truly come up with something that people would buy regularly.

Mug Printing

These are significantly more difficult to make but that also means that they also have the potential to earn you more money. Not only do these make great gifts, but they are also equally functional. Imagine someone taking a sip of their morning coffee with the mug you got them. Not only will they remember you, but they’ll associate the euphoric sensation that they get from coffee with you.

Engraved Messages

There’s a reason that laser engraving services are sought after. There’s just a certain appeal that comes with text that you can actually feel. This can be used to give more depth (pun intended) to a poem, a proposal, an invitation, or what have you. If you want someone to literally feel what you’re trying to say, engrave it.

Engraved Wooden Signs

They look like ordinary wooden signs, but they’re anything but. Once again, the depth in the engravings gives off a more rustic feel to the project you’re working on. These signs make for great housewarming gifts. Throw in some tribal designs for a really cool piece to give.

Rubber Stamps

Here’s something for both kids and adults alike. They make for great playthings for children and they’re equally functional for adults. With a laser engraver, you could potentially come up with any design. The limits are only as far as your imagination goes.

Do you have any other gift ideas? Feel free to comment below!

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