The Technology Behind Qustodio And How It Can Help You

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The Technology Behind Qustodio And How It Can Help You

You and your kids are truly living in a digital age. Everyone is plugged in these days and they are using the Internet do everything. You can even do your grocery shopping online now. Sure, technology is impressive and it does probably make your everyday life a little more manageable, but the Internet is not threat free. There are predators out there lurking around, there are complete strangers that can easily get your information, there is cyber bullying and there is always the chance that you can become obsessed with the concept of being online. Well, your kids are open to these same risks when they are online and that is why it is more important than ever to limit and monitor their activity. The technology behind Qustodio can help you do just that.

Real Time Location Tracking

The first thing you need to know about the technology behind Qustodio is that it can be installed on a variety of devices. It can be installed on your Windows and Mac computers or laptops at home. It can be installed on your kid’s computers. It can be installed on your kid’s iPhone and Android devices. This is important because your kids take their phones and tablets everywhere with them. This technology is essential because it allows you to track your child in real time. However, this app is much more than just your average GPS locator.

Sure, it can pinpoint your child’s location within a matter of seconds, but it will also track their movements and record them. The technology behind this amazing parental control app will not only let you know where your child is, but you can literally see where they have been or are currently going. You never have to worry about where you child is or if they lied to you about where they are going because you will know.

Report Pulling

Another impressive thing about the technology behind Qustodio is that it allows you to generate frequent reports. If you are too busy to set and monitor your child’s activity 24/7, but want to see what they have been up to online, you can do just that. The technology will allow you to set up daily or weekly reports. The app really makes it easy to find the exact stats that you are looking for as well. For instance, if you are wondering how much time your kid spent online, the usage can be setup in a colorful pie graph so that you can easily locate and decipher the exact information you are seeking.

You can even customize these reports to show the searches that your child performed. You can even track the physical movements of your child if you have the app installed on their phone or tablet. Another impressive thing about this technology is that right from the reports you can go over to the “Rules’ Tab” and configure the restrictions of web browsing, usage time and other limitations.

Limiting Usage With This Technology

You can read any Qustodio app review and you will see that kids are spending a tremendous amount of time online these days. Whether they are playing online game or spending most of their time on social media sites, there are a lot of threats out there. Sure, there is nothing wrong with your kids spending time online. For the most part it can be educational, but there is such a thing as too much time online. It can be easy to loose track of time and grow obsessed with the thought of being online. Kids need real life face-to-face interactions in order to be healthy and social. The technology behind this app will allow you to limit your child’s time online.

If you want your child only to have an hour of usage a day, you can do to. If you want them to only have twenty hours a week, you can set that up as well. Another neat thing about the technology is that you can completely suspend their online activity at any time. And, if you have the app installed on their phone you don’t have to worry about them making calls, because the app will still allow your child to make certain emergency phone calls.

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