Tips to Save Money on Computer Ink

Save Money On Ink Cartridges

You may have noticed that over time, computer printers are almost cheaper than the cartridge of ink they use. Actually, it is a marketing ploy: better to lose a little on something bought once, but profit from another thing bought many times. The makers will induce you to buy their printer that costs relatively little, so you must buy their ink, which costs a lot – and there they profit.

But naturally, you can thwart the ploy somewhat if you save on printer ink to prolong the use of each ink cartridge. Following are a few tips:

Use ecofont.

Ecofont is a separate –not found in standard software— font system that prints the letters with miniscule holes so tiny the eyes do not notice it. The holes can save you as much as 20% in ink usage every time you print, without sacrificing quality. Or, use sans serif fonts like Calibri, Consolas and Lucida Light. Serifs add unnecessary print areas that actually waste ink, particularly in informal printed communications.

Print in black and white, and only print the pages you need.

By using the Print Preview process before finally printing, you can select which pages you should print. Often there are intervening pages you don’t need, such as illustrations and pictures. By printing them in Draft, you save on ink. If the info you need is short enough, you can just write it down.

Review your documents carefully.

Make sure the documents are ready for final printing so you do not have to reprint them again because of a small typo error.

Refill, replace or ‘trade-in’ your cartridges.

There are refill inks that work as well as the original and cost probably only half as much. You just need to find them online. Cartridges may be refilled up to eight times so the savings can be considerable. Also use sellers who accept empty cartridges as discount items for new ones. You can also buy replacement cartridges instead of the original; they cost less, especially if independent of the chain stores.

Be wary of expiration dates.

If you buy cartridges that would expire in the very near future, you might waste some left-over ink. There are ways of solving this that include tweaking the .ini file, turning back the computer clock, using a printer driver other than those issued by the manufacturer, changing the bidirectional connections and disconnecting the printer battery. But you need to be computer savvy to do these; otherwise, it can cause the printer to malfunction.

Clean the printer nozzles regularly.

Dust can clog them and cause ink-wasteful streaks in printing. Streaks are unsightly so you will have to print the document again, wasting more ink.

Cover the nozzles if you won’t be using the printer for a while.

Tape the nozzles with scotch tape to prevent the ink from drying up so you can use it when you need to. Otherwise you will need new ones.

Save on ink, save money and save the environment by reducing waste.

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How To Save Money On Ink Cartridges

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