Top 10 Stupid Holiday Gifts, an online retailer of crazy gag gifts, recently unveiled their 4th annual list of the stupidest gifts for the holiday season. In case you haven’t seen the television commercial, here’s the Ten Stupidest Gifts in all their glory:

Stupid Gifts

  1. Beard Beanies Knit Caps
  2. Dysfunctional Family Bingo Game
  3. Hot Guys with Baby Animals 2011 Calendar
  4. Toilet Mug Coffee Cup
  5. Faux Mistletoe-To-Go on Suction Cup
  6. LED Flashing Neon Shoe Laces
  7. Inflatable Pillow Ties
  8. Poo Poo Shaped Strawberry Scented Soap
  9. iPhone App Fridge Magnets
  10. Toys for Jewish Dogs

Find all of the above stupid gifts at!

Which stupid gifts are your favorite? Any on your Christmas wish list?!

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