3 Reasons Why Electronic Toys Are Popular

Electronic Toys

You must have heard of some people criticizing electronic toys, saying these bring more harm than good to kids. But if you carefully analyze their arguments, they all boil down to nostalgia. These are parents who want to put wooden blocks and paper charts on a pedestal because they grew up with them. They believe that the only effective toys for kids are the ones that worked for them.

You ask them, “Why don’t you want your kids to play electronic toys?” And they would most probably answer, “Because. That’s what we’re told.”

This is where their arguments collapse. How can they be sure that electronic toys don’t work when none of them have played with one before? There were no electronic and digital toys during their time. All they have right now are studies and surveys, which incidentally have been done by people who grew up with traditional and conventional toys too.

What they fail to realize is that times have changed, and there’s no denying the role of technology in the growth and development of Danish kids. One only has to drop by any kindergarten school and toy store these days to know that electronic toys and electronic learning devices have become indispensable to today’s system of child education.

If that still fails to convince you, we have listed here three important reasons why electronic toys have become very popular in Denmark and why every family with little children must have electronic toys at home.

Electronic Toys are Multi-Educational

If the conventional wooden blocks and paper charts are educational, you can say the same thing about electronic toys too. But better than the conventional toys, electronic toys are multi-educational. What do we mean by multi-educational? It means that electronic toys teach kids many things at the same time. Take learning laptops, for example. These electronic toys don’t only teach kids about the basics of computers, they also develop the kids’ motor skills and coordination with those letters, signs and numbers on the keyboard. The sounds, the graphics and the flashing lights of the computer screen also sharpen a kid’s sense of sight and hearing, while developing their sense of awe and wonder at the things around them.

Electronic Toys are Interactive

Learning how to interact with the things around them is crucial in the emotional and mental development of children. Toys should be equipped with features that encourage kids to interact with them. You can seldom find a conventional toy that comes with interactive features. Toy cellular phones, talking dolls, learning laptops, stationary baby jumpers, digital toy cars, and other robotic toys are just few examples of things that encourage children to interact.

Electronic Toys Prepare Kids for the Future

The world of the future is going to be run by computers. That’s a fact. That’s where we are all going. We see proofs it right now. Everything is becoming more and more computerized.

But like in any aspect in life, too much of everything is not good. In Denmark, for example, technology may be playing an important role in the life of the people – from the food they eat to the movies they watch to the way they communicate with each other to the way to choose their leaders. But they are careful enough not to allow technology to dictate how they should raise their kids. Danish parents know that toys, whether traditional or high-tech, will always be just tools in teaching kids life’s core values.

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