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I can honestly say "we've come a long ways baby" in terms of technology from when I was a child! My first experience "playing" with an electronic device was Merlin. We were then estatic when we got an Atari! I always felt my kids were spoiled with all the latest gaming systems, from Sega Genesis to Ninendo to Xbox 360 to Playstation 3 to Wii.

Although I never got into playing any of the games on the gaming systems, I have been suckered into playing games on my iPad. My favorite right now is Draw Something and Words with Friends. But I swear my daughters, even my neices can navigate the iPad better than me when it comes to using it and playing games!

Kids nowadays can even use their iPads, iPods and iPhones or any smartphone really to interact with their toys, seriously! AppGear is a new innovative live of apps that seamlessly interact with your collectible toys, which ultimately shifts digital gaming into reality!

Some of the AppGear game titles include Foam Fighters where you can attach a fighter plane to your device and actually fly it, even compete against other players over Wifi. Another game is ZombieBurbz where you use actual game piece figurines to play with.

Wow, what's next in terms of reality toys?

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