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Raggedy Ann Cut Out Cake Pattern

Raggedy Ann Cut Out Cake Pattern

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My mom used to make us “cut out” cakes for our birthdays when we were little, which definitely involved more time and love than a store bought cake. For Valentine's Day, I thought I'd try my hand out at making a cut out cake saying “I ♥ U”.  While my cakes were baking, I decided to rummage through a box of cookbooks that I had found while cleaning out my pantry. Lo and behold, there were my mother's old cake decorating leaflets.  If that isn't the law of attraction at work, I don't know what is.  The cover of the “Susan Lowe cooks – modern living through modern cooking” has a price tag of 35¢ on it! Then I came across “Betty Crocker's Cakes Kids Love” booklet that contained this recipe pattern for a Rag Doll Cake

Raggedy Ann Cutout Cake Recipe

I remember my mom making this very cake for me, so I called my mom to ask if she still had a picture of me with it, and she did!  I think I was a big Raggedy Ann fan, as my shirt is Raggedy Ann material, too.

Kim with Raggedy Ann Cake

I believe my mother sewed that shirt for me as well.  And she painted the picture of the deer hanging in the background. If only I had inherited some of her craftiness! I'm sure the other cake was an Angel Food cake from my paternal grandmother.  She still makes me angel food cakes for my birthday (she's 85), and I don't even like them (luckily my kids do).  I think she confuses me with my cousin London who does like them. I would kill to have her homemade sticky buns one more time, but she has cut back on cutting in her age.

Update: I found another birthday cake photo that my mom made me that looks like she improvised the rag doll cake pattern to make a “girl” cake. I loved that shirt that I'm wearing in the photo. It had my name on the back in metallic lettering. 🙂

I did get my I ♥ U cake done – looking at it now, I should have shortened the “U” to make it the same height as the “I”.  It still got eaten up all the same.

I Love You Cakes

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!

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Tuesday 23rd of February 2010

I got a nice email from Virginia of MyCouponHunter with a picture of her Raggedy Ann Cake!

I was checking my sitefeeder to see where I was getting referrals from today and I always end up reading blogs when I do that and noticed on you blog about the raggedy ann cake. I had to send you this photo of me. It looks like we probably grew up in the same generation.

Pam Flesner

Wednesday 17th of February 2010

I had to show this to all of the girls at work. They really enjoyed the story! I still can't believe you remembered the photo and that I found it! Yes, I sewed the shirt. Actually in the album with this photo were lots of photos of all the other clothes that I sewed for you. One of my favorites was a red and white skirt and top. I love you, MOM

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