Redefining Your Bedroom: Thinking Outside the Box

Redefining Your Bedroom: Thinking Outside the Box

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Redefining Your Bedroom: Thinking Outside the Box

A bedroom is a sign of a person’s individuality. What a room looks like, what is most comfortable to a person, can reflect what keeps them relaxed and what hobbies or quirks they have as a person. Finding the right aesthetic for your bedroom can pave the way to finding an aesthetic for your entire home, or the complete opposite if you like. Either way, designing your bedroom can be a fun exploration of your interests and what makes your house representative of you.

The rustic look

A fan-favorite choice for homeowners is bringing the class and genuine feel of nature through the rustic look. The aesthetic is mainly in favor of hardwood furniture. From your wardrobe cabinets to your wooden flooring, you will feel like living in a cabin in the woods and waking up to a chilly sunrise every day. Affordable ways to manage the rustic look include having vinyl flooring to match the color of the type of hardwood your furniture pieces have. Save a little extra on your expenses by choosing composite doors designed to look like mahogany to give a dark complement to your room’s light-colored finish.

The tropical vacation

Going for Carribean furniture is a design choice that allows you to bring the comfort of an island paradise into your home. These designs inspired by bamboo designs and stylized carvings make you feel like you’re still on vacation. A great addition to Caribbean style rooms is having the addition of small trinkets such as bamboo wall fixtures and even scented candles that remind you of the beach. Going for warm colors with your interior and warm colors with your furniture could give a great complement of color gradients that can replicate the feeling of being at the bay experiencing the warm sunset.

The modern minimalist

The modern minimalist can be your most affordable choice or your most costly decision on this list. Depending onyour room’s design and how youwant to approach it, minimalist furniture can range from cheap to ridiculously pricey. The trick to designing a contemporary bedroom has equal parts aesthetic and functionality. Most minimalist pieces focus on having multi-functional uses such as bunk beds that have stairs that function as closets to stools that can be storage containers. The better grasp you have of what direction you want your room to go in will give you a pretty solid idea of what items you should buy.

The luxurious type

If you’re ready for this option, then you better prepare your budget wisely. Modern bedrooms boast the big guns of the queen to king size beds for one and have an accompanying room area that could rival your living room’s size. Most modern bedrooms have an accompanying luxurious bathroom space to boot. Consider having a shower cabin or a freestanding bathtub in your room, a popular a luxury choice these days. Vinyl flooring is still a popular option for luxury bedrooms, but soft carpet is also a good second choice.

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  1. Most people who have the small 10×12 bedrooms don’t have a lot of space to play around with . But I try with small rug , curtains and new bedspreads. Guess some of us just figure we just sleep there why do any changes.

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