Basic Non-Everyday Use Accessories That Every Man Should Own

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Things that a man owns in his wardrobe define him very well. A personal wardrobe reflects a man’s priorities, personality, and work ethics. One does not need to own fancy stuff to look fashionable yet basic. Most men are not fashion junkie and getting it right with decency and fashion can be challenging for them. Every man should take his basic accessories seriously so that he looks presentable and appealing to others. However, some men still fail to own a good bunch of basic accessories.

Basic Non-Everyday Use Accessories That Every Man Should Own

If you are in a fix and need help regarding basic personal accessories, this article will serve you the best.

A Watch

Many people think that a watch counts as a want or a luxury and need not be in everyone's closet. We disagree. Wearing a watch reflects that a man values his and others time, is punctual, and professional. This is men’s one of the most frequently used accessories and is also the simplest and the easiest way to tell the time. Watches have categories; some are for everyday use while others are worn on occasions. Irrespective of the design and style, a fine quality watch perfectly depicts a man’s taste.

Getting things done timely has always been a critical element in the life of any dedicated man. Accomplished men are often considered by their link with time, such as punctuality and time management. Thus, every responsible, committed, and the organized man wears a timepiece so he can manage time properly. If you are looking for a good quality watch with discounted prices, you must check omega watches for sale.


Sunglasses are a distinct accessory that gives an appealing touch to a man’s overall look. Moreover, human eyes are sensitive; continuous exposure to the sun may result in a number of disorders. Not only sunglasses protect the eyes from dangerous UV rays, but they also act like a man's basic fashion add-on, contributing to a finished look to any outfit. Wearing good quality sunglasses brings health benefits that far outweigh the element of style.

Sunglasses having 100% UVA and UVB protection give full defense against the sun’s UV rays, while polarized sunglasses lessens glare. In our view, owning at least one pair of sunglasses is important for every man. They should use them appropriately to accompany his fashion statements and protect the eyes.

A Briefcase or Messenger Bag

A messenger bag can convey a great deal of comfort to men and help them complete their fashion style. Whenever you see a man carrying a briefcase or a bag, it instantly gives off an impression of professionalism. The briefcase is a timeless accessory for men because of its prevalent recognition all through the world. Good clothing for a business purpose should always be complemented by a briefcase or messenger bag. It lets you carry a laptop, important official documents, or a tablet. If you are one of those who carries these items in hand, you must know that it is perceived unprofessional and communicates a message of being disorganized.

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Every man must have at least three belts in his wardrobe. Despite the fact that the trend these days is ideally for a man’s jeans/pants to fit without having to belt them, they are still an absolute necessity. It is usual for a man’s pants to sag or stretch as they wear them, thus belts will help keep an outfit in place.

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Business and corporate men cannot go overboard while making their fashion statement. This is where a belt will come into play and break the monotony of their outfit while making them look simple yet appealing. We stress that every man, regardless of what occupation they belong to, must have a dress belt, usually a dark brown or a black leather belt with a slender silver belt buckle, and a casual one for daily use.

A Tie

Every man’s closet must have at least one tie. However, an extraordinary man will have a number of ties in his closet. The kind of an outfit a man puts on decides the type and color of a tie he should wear. To remain on the safe side, we suggest you choose plain ties because they are timeless.

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When you wear a tie, you need it to accentuate your outfit, not overwhelm the conversation. Concerning the number of ties in a man's closet, we recommend three for every kind of suit. Classic tie colors such as blue, green, red, and gold while timeless designs including dot, striped, club, plaid, foulard, and paisley – begin with basic solids and stripes; when you have moved past at least a half dozen in your closet, you can then purchase brighter and more complex designed neckties.

Sports Jacket & Blazers

If a man can have only one jacket in his life, he cannot turn out wrong with either a standard navy blazer or wool sport coat produced using a semi-solid or dark solid fabric. Different style features such as, distinct colored buttons, patch pockets, or a ticket pocket are key to flag that the jacket is in fact not part of a suit. Navy blazers, due to their recognized history and fancy buttons, are considered more formal than sports jackets and are not the appropriate choice if a man rarely wears a suit. However, they can be dressed informally by making sure they are single breasted and by choosing horn or mother of pearl buttons. Sports coats can vary from smooth dressy worsted wool to easygoing tweeds, and greatly complement a country living man’s wardrobe.

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There are several accessories that a man can choose as his basic fashion staples. However, whichever a man ends up wearing, he should remember to keep it simple and make sure that it goes with the situation. Some of the accessories discussed above may not be needed for everyday use; however, it does not mean that they are of any lesser importance or will never be required.  

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