25 Cheap But Fun and Romantic Date Ideas

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Dating can be stressful. Especially when you are worried impressing your date and also about not hurting your wallet.

But according to J. Lo “Love don’t cost a thing”, and sometimes that can actually be true. The secret to affordable dating is thinking outside of the ‘dinner and a movie’ box and getting a bit creating.

Cheap But Fun and Romantic Date Ideas

These date ideas often end up being more fun on top of being more budget friendly. Keep reading for a list of cheap but fun date ideas!

25 Cheap But Fun Date Ideas

1. On The Water

Spend a day on the water. Go to your local park or river and rent a kayak, paddleboard, or canoe. You’ll end up with a day full of adventure for around $20 and the chance to see some nature.

2. Ducking

Go feed the ducks at a local pond and grab a coffee at a neighboring café.

3. Hiking

Take your date on a nice hike at a trail in your area. Download a hiking app to see all the trails near your current location. This date is completely free and can lead to great conversation and beautiful sights.

4. Art Exhibit

Most of the time these are free or may suggest a $5 donation at the door. This is a great way to have things to talk about on your date and support your local artists.

5. Cooking

Make food together. If you are set on the idea of having dinner with your date, suggest cooking together. This can be a fun way to try a new type of food or show off your cooking skills.

6. Walking Tour

Go to your cities local art district and explore what it has to offer together.

7. Thrifting

Check out local thrift stores or a flea market. You can have fun looking at antiques and old school products without being obligated to purchase them.

8. Painting

If you are an artist at heart, consider having your date over for a paint and wine night. You can find cheap painting supplies online or at a nearby craft store. Maybe suggest working on a collaborative painting so you can see what you are your date create together.

9. Picnic

Take your date on a picnic to a pretty spot. This gets your out of the house, gives you one on one time, but won’t cost you as much as going to a restaurant.

10. Beach

Take a day trip to the beach if one is nearby.

11. Camping

Go camping together somewhere. This can be a one night or a whole weekend affair that encourages you to work together and can allow you to explore a new place.

12. Music

Experience your local music. Many bars, breweries, or coffeehouses will host local artists for free shows. And even if you do end up buying a drink or two you’ll still get out of there paying less than $20.

13. Outdoor Activity

Go do a fun activity together like mini-golf, bowling, or go-cart riding. This can be a fun way to be playful with your date and gives you an activity to focus on.

14. Karaoke

If you feel like being goofy and extroverted, give karaoke night a try. This can be a great way to push out of your comfort zone and laugh at each other. And even if you don’t want to participate, karaoke nights are still enjoyable to watch.

15. Wine Night

Have a wine night at home. All you need is a few different kinds of cheese, some grapes or nuts, and some cheap wine and you’re set.

16. Wine Tour

If you have a brewery or winery in your area, check out their tours. These are normally free, interesting, and include free samples.

17. Museum

If you both are into history consider a night at the museum. And check ahead to see what their discount days are to get the best rate. Some museums even offer free admissions. 

18. Sporting Event

Check out your area sports teams. If you live near a college sporting events are happening all the time and are normally relatively cheap. Plus sports give you something to talk about even after the game is over.

19. Arcade Night

Arcade nights can be a fun-filled experience that also brings out some healthy competition.

Make silly bets on who can win the most games or who can get the highest score in ski ball.

20. Game Night

Game night for the win. If you like the idea of an arcade but don’t have affordable ones in your area then brings the games to you. Host a game night for you are your date at your place with all your favorite board games.

21. Open Mic

Take your date to a poetry slam, or book reading. Poetry slams are fun, diverse, and give you a taste of local art.

22. Outdoor Movie Screening

See if your city or town offers any outdoor movie screenings. This can be a classic way to cuddle up to a good film without paying movie theater prices.

23. Fruit Picking

Go fruit picking with your date when local fruits are in season. This tasty activity gets you outdoors and rewards your hard work with delicious take-home treats.

24. Bike Riding

Hop on a bike for a nice stroll through a local park or trail. Many places offer bike rental for around $20 a day.

25. Rock Climbing

Check out your area rock gym for a thrilling date. Groupon usually offers special deals to rock gyms in your area. You’ll get to work together to make it to the top.

Finding a Date

With all these great date ideas all that’s left is finding the perfect date. Whether you’ve been married for 20 years, dating for 6 months, or just met, these dates are sure to bring you a good time.

And don’t forget, friend dates can be fun too! If you can’t find someone to enjoy these dates with check out, maybe check out a dating site

Trying Out New Date Ideas

Now that you have a list of new date ideas, give them a try! Do some research to see the fun and free events in your area and have confidence that your out-of-the-box date will be successful.

Your date will be impressed that you are taking them on a new experience. For more tips on dating, check out these other blog posts!

25 Cheap But Fun and Romantic Date Ideas

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