Save As You Shop: 4 of the Best Rebate Apps

Now that it seems like pretty much everyone and their mother has a smartphone, new types of apps seem to be popping up all the time. And some of these apps are extremely helpful.

best rebate apps

For example, by using rebate apps, you can get cash back and other reimbursements when you provide a proof of purchase for items that you buy. So instead of getting a discounted price when you first buy the item, you'll get money back after you purchase.

Interested in learning more? Continue reading and we'll walk you the best rebate apps available today.


According to Ibotta, their app has more offers for groceries and other items than any other app out there. Plus, many of their offers reset about every two days.

So this means that you can use the peanut butter Clif bar offer one day, and then use it again a few days later. And Ibotta also lets you redeem certain offers up to three times on one receipt.

If you want to use Ibotta rebates on your purchases at Target, you'll have to pay for your items on the Target Circle app. You'll have to link that app to your bank cards.

Before you can get any of the rebate cash through PayPal, you'll need to have earned at least $20 in rebates. What's great though is that you're given a $10 head start once you sign up with Ibotta.

And when you refer a friend to Ibotta, you'll get another $5! And Ibotta is good for things other than groceries. You can also use the app for clothing and hotel stays when you purchase online through Ibotta's app.


This is a free app that will get you cash back on anything that you purchase from the app's retail partners (other than groceries). 

The app is very user-friendly and will send you actual cash. Although you can choose to get gift cards instead if you want. 

You can also use promo codes alongside with your cash back earnings. So you can get discounted prices and then also get even more back later.

If you want to start earning cash back with TopCashBack, make sure that you're signed into either their website or app. Select that retailer that you want to buy from and you'll earn cash back on anything that you purchase.

Another great perk of TopCashBack is that they will price match if you find a better cash back deal from one of their competitors. 

By downloading the free browser extension, you can get exclusive coupons and promo codes in the free TopCashBack app. Using browser extensions is one of the more extreme rebate strategies.

To redeem your rewards, you're going to have to wait for TopCashBack to first be paid their referral fee from their retail partners. This can take up to three months to complete.

On the plus side, TopCashBack will give you 100% of the money that they get and they don't take a percentage, like many other apps do. After your money goes from “pending” to “payable,” you can receive a payout for any amount whenever you request it.

Checkout 51

The coolest part about this rebate app is that you can redeem some offers up to five times. This means that you can buy the same item five times in the same purchase and redeem your rebate for each one. 

When you're on the app, you just have to look for the plus sign next to the product and click it until you reach the maximum amount allowed.

The rebates in Checkout 51 also get better the more you use them. As time goes on, you'll get to take part in the “Choose Your Own Offer” rebates. With this rebate, you can apply savings to whichever item you want.

And when you redeem offers on the app by the Wednesday of each week, you'll then get a bonus offer on Friday. 

The offers reset on Thursdays every week. But make sure that you don't miss out on any of those “by Wednesday” offers in order to get those Friday bonuses. 

To redeem an offer, just simply click on the item you bought and tap “redeem.” This will load your offers. Then, just take a photo of the receipt.

You're going to hit at least $20 in rebates before you can receive your cash back. When you sign up for Checkout 51, they'll start you off with one free dollar. 

Checkout 51 sends a physical check in the mail. They don't use payment sites like PayPal.


With Shopkick, you have six different ways to earn money.

First, you can walk into a retail partner's store and open the app. You can earn kick points just by walking around inside. You can also scan products with your phone camera to earn kick points. 

By linking your card to the app, you can earn points whenever you make a purchase at certain stores. And you can do the same when buying online. 

Also, watching videos in the app can earn you in points too. So does scanning your receipts as proof of purchase. 

Around 250 of these kick points will earn you $1. Once you've earned 500 kicks, you can then cash out.

The Best Rebate Apps for You

As we can see, there's clearly a good amount of variety when it comes to finding the best rebate apps. Feel free to go over the ones listed above and think about which one will be best for you. And if you can't decide, why not try all of them?

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