Three Chrome Extensions That Can Save You Money

Three Types of Chrome Life Extensions That Can Save You Money in the Long Run

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Last updated on April 7, 2021

Three Types of Chrome Life Extensions That Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Plug-ins that enhance the functionality of a web browser are called extensions. These allow integration of the web browser with other services. They do not have any direct effect on the viewable content yet improve the user interface considerably. There are different types of extensions available with different functionalities today. They can do it all from enhancing security to blocking advertisements and aiding in online shopping by helping you find the best deals. Some of the extensions available in Chrome, actually help you save money. The article talks about three types of best chrome extensions that can help save some quick bucks in the long run.

Ensure your Security Online

There are VPN extensions available in chrome to help you keep your surfing safe and private. Ensure that the extension you pick has the following characteristics. They should help you browse in a secure environment keeping your online activity and identity anonymous. Always use a Chrome browser VPN extension that ensures safety from the prying eyes like hackers. They should be able to block unwanted content and pop-ups. Finding such an extension is a challenge, but it will ultimately help you save money in the long run by preventing facing potential financial losses. One of the popular choices is the express VPN that efficiently secures all your web activities. It is quite easy to use and compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.

Save Money While You Shop Online With Honey

While shopping online, we always look for the best deals. But reaching out to multiple sites and finding suitable promo codes can be a taxing job. In such a scenario browser extension can come to your rescue. One such browser extension is Honey.  They can efficiently scan the web for discounts and deals helping you grab some exciting offers. They help detect sales by turning the grey H button on the browser orange. Also helps you best available apply promo codes automatically. If you are shopping on a website, the browser extension will simultaneously indicate if the product is available elsewhere for a cheaper price. Apart from chrome, it works on other browsers like safari and opera as well. Get a Chrome VPN to make sure your data on Chrome is not stolen leading to financial losses.

Grab The Best Deals Using Invisible Hand

This is another popular browser extension that can not only track prices of merchandise but also flights and car rentals. Another USP of the plugin is that it comes with a feature of applying promo codes automatically for specific stores. It ensures that you do not have to undergo the taxing process of manually searching for codes online. The browser extension also enables you to compare prices of different merchandise on various websites. As per the name the extension remains invisible until an exciting deal is available. If the product is available at a cheaper price elsewhere, the extension pops up to inform you. It saves from the tedious job of scrolling through multiple websites for best deals.


There are specific browser extensions available like discussed in the article that could help you save while shopping online.  All you are required to do is download the extension and it does the rest of the job. Use a Chrome browser VPN extension but ensure that the ones you choose do not hinder with your shopping experience. Sometimes certain browsers can allow unnecessary pop-ups to appear, which can be a turn off while shopping. Overall, one can say that these browser extensions search for retailers giving best deals online. To maximize your savings, ensure that you do not overstep on your budget or else, you will be surprised to see how much these chrome extensions can actually save for you while shopping online.

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  1. The one that I use is NordVPN’s extension. It’s actually so smooth I barely notice it there. Of course it does slow dow the experience by about 20mbps and it takes a couple of seconds longer to first connect to the server, but it’s still quicker than other providers, see https://vpnpro.com/blog/speedtest-recommended-nordvpn/ where it says Nord even received a badge as one of the fastest vpn in 2018. All in all, I’d rather be safe than sorry when my data get’s stolen.

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