Tightening the Apron Strings: 4 Great Budgeting Tips for Stay-At-Home Moms

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Oprah once put it out there that being a mother is the hardest job in the world. Whether she was right or wrong, the fact remains that being a full-time, stay–at-home mom is a life choice that’s filled with challenges – both big and small. One of the most problematic areas causing untold levels of stress among stay-at-home mothers arises when it comes to balancing their budgets. Financial budgeting can be doubly stressful for this segment of women and their households because the family might be living on one income, as opposed to the double income that would be coming in should the mother have been in the workforce. Things can get to be a little tight.

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To help stay-at-home moms figure out viable, effective, and highly efficient ways to keep their accounts in the green, here is a quick list of budgeting tips especially suited to the stay-at-home mom.

Cut Down on Non-Essentials

When it comes to running a home with little ones to consider, it might be a bit of a challenge figuring out exactly what ’non-essential’ budget items are. Your young ones may not exactly see the difference between food on the table and their Netflix account when it comes to cost-cutting priorities. The plain truth of it is that you won’t find it easy deciding what to go without in order to have a bit more financial breathing room.

You can, however, make things a whole lot easier for everyone concerned by first sitting down and figuring out exactly where the money in your household goes. Go over your bills, receipts, credit card reports, and so forth to get a good idea of what’s costing you what. Once you’ve got that done, you will be able to pinpoint the most painless and cost-saving trimmings you can carry out.

Get Some Part-Time Work Done

Should you have some professional experience from your working days under your belt, you can explore the options available to you to work on a part-time or freelance basis from the comfort of your own home. The internet makes it incredibly convenient to find and take up jobs online in various fields such as bookkeeping, writing, marketing, translating, tutoring, and thousands of other fields. Even for those with no professional experience or training in traditional fields, there are plenty of resources out there that will allow you to train and figure out how to make money from home.

For example, you could look up any popular forex marketing blog for helpful pointers on how to get into the world of forex trading from a marketer’s standpoint or branch into any segment of the industry that would suit you best. What you need to keep in mind when contemplating a venture into the world of work-from-home engagements is that a lot of discipline and time management skills will be required of you to achieve tangible success. It also calls for considerable levels of patience in case you’re starting from a beginner’s level of expertise in whichever industry you settle on.

Take Advantage of Coupons and Sales

The stay-at-home mom should be a warrior when it comes to couponing and sale-spotting. You do, however, need to be wise when it comes to making use of coupons by avoiding the temptation to purchase something you don’t really want or need just because you can get a great deal on it. Always be on the lookout for offers and coupons related to items you would have had on your shopping list anyway, and you will enjoy the full benefits of wise couponing.

Get Cooking

Nine out of ten times, a home-cooked meal is to be preferred over anything you can order in for your family. In terms of health, taste, freshness, and overall value-for-money, you can’t beat what can be done in your own kitchen. As a stay-at-home mom, you’re in a great position to take advantage of the savings to be had here.

If you’re looking to cut down on kitchen time as well as your food expenses, you can try preparing your meals in bulk and in advance and then keeping them in the freezer, to be taken out and microwaved as needed in the course of the week. You should also be vigilant when it comes to your pantry stock – don’t let anything go to waste by allowing it to expire on your shelves. Every bit counts.

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