How To Get Your Facebook Page Noticed

How to Get Your Facebook Page Noticed

Are you on a quest to get more likes and follows on your Facebook page? Whether it’s your own personal page or one for work, it can be difficult to get noticed. If it seems like you’re making no headway in terms of building your followers, then these simple tips are sure to help turn things around. You may find that just one does the trick, or perhaps you need to give all of them a try.

Upgrade Your Banner Picture

One of the first things people notice about your Facebook page when they first land on it is the banner. You want to use a banner that is eye-catching, high-quality, and conveys the message or goal of your Facebook page. Let’s say you have a Facebook page dedicated to arts and crafts you have made, well then it doesn’t make sense for your banner to have dogs and cats on it.

So how can you go about upgrading your banner picture? The Facebook banner template is a user-friendly tool that allows you to design your own cover photos in just a few steps. You'll be able to adjust the sizing, pick a theme, images, get creative with fonts, and more.

Make Sure You Respond to Comments

Another tip is to make sure you are responding to comments on your Facebook page in a timely fashion. This shows you are engaging with your followers and that you want them to be part of a “community” that you are creating. It also helps to make the page seem more personal, and not just some mass- generic page.

Make Sure to Post Images

Another sure-fire way to boost interest in your page is to post images on a regular basis. With that said, the images need to be relevant to the topic of the page. Typically, images that are light, have a positive message, and are humorous tend to get the most attention.

Update Your Page on a Regular Basis

If you’re trying to grow the number of followers you have, an absolute must is to update your page on a regular basis. This means posting on a daily basis whenever possible. A stagnant page is one that people just skip right over.

Always Stay Authentic

Sometimes when you're trying hard to get noticed, you can end up going a little too far and end up coming off less than genuine. Your Facebook page should always feel authentic and feel like a true reflection of you. It's okay to do a little self-promoting, but be careful not to take it too far and do it too often. Whenever possible, take a light approach through the use of humor for your self-promotion efforts.

It’s Time to Enjoy the Results

By taking these simple steps you’ll begin to see that the number of followers and likes that you have will slowly start to increase. Remember, when trying to grow your page consistency is imperative so it’s important to keep these steps up and not pull back.

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