4 Ways to Make Money in the Food Industry, Without Breaking the Bank

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4 Ways to Make Money in the Food Industry, Without Breaking the Bank

If you have a passion for food, and want to work in the food industry – good for you!  This is a dream that many people have, though very few actually take the initiative to follow through and make a viable career for themselves.

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your dream job in the food industry, and want to do something unique, keep reading.  

Today we have a list of some food industry jobs that you may not be aware even exist.  And to top it off, startup costs won’t break the bank in the process.

After all, to work in the food industry you need things like your food handlers license.  And, while many places offer this certification, it is often expensive and time-consuming.  

That’s why to start, you should consider getting your food handlers license from a reliable and affordable place such as 360Training.

From there, you can choose your dream food job and get started right away!

1. Be a Food Critic

Do you love eating food?  Do you also have a knack for writing?

If so, becoming a food critic may be the perfect job for you.  A food critic is paid to taste food and drink from a variety of restaurants, and write about the entire dining experience.

Things like taste, portion size, cost to dine, ambiance of the restaurant, and level of service are all considered as you craft a professional critique of the restaurant for others to view.

2.  Food Design

Helping to create the perfect presentation of food for people to enjoy, whether it be their dinner plate or birthday cake, is something that creatives that love food can easily get involved in with very little education or training.

Work in an upscale restaurant preparing fancy side dishes, get hired at the local bakery and help design wedding cakes and children’s cupcakes, or even work side-by-side with a food photographer and make delicious food look too amazing to eat.

3. Start a Food Blog

Starting a blog is super easy and very inexpensive.  And, while this may not involve working directly with food, there is always a chance you work at a nearby restaurant and want to blog about your experiences, your favorite recipes, or even open up your own online shop selling custom recipes and cookbooks.

There are many ways to make money as a food blogger and if you do it right, after building a big enough following, you may even be able to blog for a living about all things food related.

4. Start a Catering Business

As a one or two man show, starting a small catering business is not going to cost a lot of money upfront.  That’s because when you just start out, you won’t need to pay lots of employees, buy expensive equipment, or lease a huge workspace.

However, preparing delicious food for those you know, and eventually those you don’t, is a great way to merge into the food industry in a unique and exciting way.

In addition, you could take up selling food at local farmer’s markets, fairs, or bake sales, invest in a food truck, and even open up your own hole-in-the-wall restaurant.

As you can see, there are ways to get involved in the food industry that go beyond that of serving up brunch at the local café, but don’t have to cost a lot to get started, save for a food handlers license.  

So, get out there and make your dreams come true.

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