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Finding The Best Gifts for Crafters

Finding The Best Gifts for Crafters

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Everyone seems to know someone who is a genius when it comes to creative crafting. They can take the most ordinary-looking supplies and with some imagination and a glue gun create some really beautiful items.

Art Supplies

These are the people that can make gift giving a nightmare. What do you get the person that can make anything that they want themselves? More crafting supplies! Giving a gift that supports a crafter’s passions not only shows that you have an interest in their creations but it also tells them that you are really thinking about them when you are out shopping.

From crafting-themed books to a gallon of funky colored milk paint, the sky's the limit when it comes to crafters. If you are having a tough time thinking about something to get for the person who seems to have it all covered, take a look at some of the unique and best gift ideas for crafters below that are sure to please even the most inventive crafters on your list.

Cutting Machine

There are several cutting machines like the Cricut out on the market. From paper to fabrics, these computer-controlled devices allow you to create a design with your computer and then have it cut to your custom specifications right in your own home. The possibilities are unlimited for imaginative crafters.

Sewing Machine

Get back to basics with the gift of a sewing machine. From costumes to custom designs, having a simple sewing machine to use at home can be a miracle for any crafter. It doesn’t have to be complicated with all of the bells and whistles that are now available, but a practical sewing machine can be used for years and years on various projects.


For the crafters that are into a little bit of everything, think about gifting them enrollment to an art class. Send them to learn how to paint, make ceramics or learn about the art of photography. They will love the opportunity to learn something new and expand their skills as a master crafter.

Gift Card

Crafters love nothing better than taking an art supply store by storm. If you can’t think of a specific item to gift your crafter, let them pick out something for themselves. A gift card to Michaels or Joanns can be just the right treat for anyone who loves to wander the aisles of their favorite crafting store.

Gift ideas for Crafters

Storage & Display Cabinets

There is no point to creating beautiful items if you have nowhere to show them off. A lighted display cabinet is a thoughtful and practical gift for any crafter. There is never enough storage in a crafter’s house. Unique storage bins of different sizes and designs are sure to be a big hit.

Craft Books

Crafters are always looking for new ideas and inspiration. Take a trip to your local bookstore and find the perfect book full of craft ideas and new designs for your favorite crafter to experiment with through the whole year. For more gift ideas you can check Crafters Diary.


Gift ideas for Crafters

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.