DIY Patchwork Christmas Ornaments

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DIY Patchwork Christmas Ornaments

After Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, my mother announced that we were going to do a family craft to decorate her Christmas tree! Here was I was looking forward to playing our traditional board games, but I actually like how the craft and her tree turned out…

Mom had leftover fabric from pillows we made a few years ago, so she came up with the idea that we could decorate clear Christmas ornaments with them.

Christmas craft

We cut the fabric into small pieces and dipped them into a mixture of glue and water and simply stuck them on the ornament, overlapping until the entire ball was covered.

Homemade patchwork Christmas ornaments

The glue dried clear, and they were ready to be hung!

Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I think they turned out beautiful. And we still got to play Racko afterwards. We ran out of time to play UpWords.

My mom's Christmas tree

Mom also tied strips of the same pieces fabric together to create a garland for her pencil tree. It's Kim approved!

Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Clear bulb ornaments (although any may work)
  • Craft glue mixed half and half with water
  • Fabric (ours was cotton, but any may work)
Patchwork Ornament Instructions

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