How to Get the Most Out of Your Vinyl Cutting Machine

Vinyl Cutting Machine

Vinyl cutting machines can be an expensive investment. When I wanted to buy my own vinyl cutting machine, I had to justify the price in my mind. It turns out there are a ton of ways to save and make money on customizing items. I discovered I could make upscale gifts from inexpensive materials, update my home decor for next to nothing, and even make some cash by selling vinyl cutouts to other people at craft shows.

If you’re looking to justify a big crafting purchase, my advice is to investigate ways to save money on gifts and home decor, and figure out how to make a few bucks on the side.

Custom Gifts

You don’t have to pour hundreds of dollars into customized, boutique gifts for your family and friends. When it comes time for a sentimental and personalized gift, you’ll always have the right one on hand for coworkers, neighbors, and teachers.

Purchase inexpensive glassware at your local craft store and cut a custom vinyl monogram for each person at work. Teachers will love customized pencil holders and personalized water bottles. Thank your kid’s coaches with custom clipboards emblazoned with their name and the team logo. Customize your child’s graduation cap with a celebratory message or the intended college logo. Custom gifts don’t have to be elaborate or expensive if you have your own vinyl cutting machine!

Home Decor

Personalizing your home just got simultaneously cheaper and easier. Now you can show off your own style without leaving a hole in your wallet every time you want new decor. Create cut-out vinyl decorations for the holidays and temporarily mount them to your fireplace mantel, or celebrate the season effortlessly with vinyl applied to decorative glass blocks and filled with fairy lights and festive tulle. Add a splash of color or highlight a focal point on a wall with a famous quote or saying. You can even show your love for your favorite team with a custom wood sign or chalkboard.

Organization Station

Create custom household charts for chores and reminders. You can choose the labels and determine the best placement. These could be chore charts for your kids that you stick to the fridge, calendars with important appointments that have easily interchangeable dates, or reminder charts for kids mounted on the bathroom mirror so they brush their teeth each day.

Start Your Own Business

Show your school spirit by customizing vinyl decals for the band or school sports team as a fundraiser. Sign up for a craft table that sells school spirit gifts, like customized water bottles, notebooks, or candles.

Industrious crafters set up stores on to sell vinyl decals and custom monograms. Raise the bar by including your home decor items and help other people give high-quality, sentimental gifts. Alternatively, you could partner with a local boutique that carries glassware, coolers, and gifts and customize their items for a price.

Save Some Cash and Make a Buck

If you’re willing to handcraft special gifts and open a store of your own, it’s easy to justify an expensive purchase like a vinyl cutting machine. You’ll enjoy finding ways to decorate your home, make custom gifts for your family, and add a little pizzazz to the school fundraiser.

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