Save Money Buying Seasonal Items In The Off Season

A large part of the inventory at any retail store is seasonal with items that are only available during part of the year. When the season is over and demand for these items is low, stores heavily discount them to room for next season's items.

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Waiting for these sales and buying during the off season can save you tons of money. Keep an eye out for several types of seasonal items that are especially advantageous to purchase during their off season.

Winter Equipment

Once the snow and cold weather is gone, people don't have much need for winter gear until the next year. Because stores want to get rid of their extra inventory to make room for spring gardening products, this is when you can find deep discounts on products like snow blowers, snow shovels and portable generators. If you wait until the first big storm next year, you'll find yourself paying full-price because stores know people are willing to pay when they are in greater need of a product.

Patio Furniture

Although it's a great feeling to start the spring and summer with a brand new set of patio furniture, you'll get a much better price if you buy it at the very end of the warm season. Look for a discounted patio furniture set in the early fall.

If you want to keep you patio furniture looking brand new until next spring, just cover it in protective plastic and store it in your garage and set it up when it's getting to be the time of year when you'll actually use it.

Christmas Decorations

After Christmas is over, stores have absolutely no use for all of the decorations they were selling. You'll be able to find deep discounts on everything from artificial Christmas trees to garlands, stockings, tablecloths, candles, lights and yard decorations. Plan what you're going to want next year and, buy it in the week or two after Christmas, and just store it until next December rolls around.

In addition, instead of buying gift wrap, bags, ribbons, and bows at the beginning of December, just wait until after Christmas is over and stock up on what you'll need for next year.


Often, you don't even have to wait until the swimming season is completely over to score a great deal on a swimsuit or a pair of swim trunks. Stores start carrying these early in the season, and by the time summer is really in full swing, they're starting to discount them to get them out of the store before people really forget about swimming. By the time Labor Day rolls around, you can get a really good deal to show off for the last few warm weekends of the year. We found the best prices on swimwear at Amazon!

When you're shopping at the end of a season, it can be tricky to find the right balance of discounts and selection. The longer you wait, the lower the price will get, but the best stuff will sell before it hits rock-bottom price. Therefore, go into the sale season knowing what you want to buy and keeping an eye out for it. If you find the perfect item at a price that seems like a good deal, it can be wise to snatch it up before others do. Some stores will even give you the difference back if the price drops again within a specified time period, so be sure to ask about this if you're making a big purchase and are worried you aren't getting the best possible price.

Save Money Buying Seasonal Items In The Off Season

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