5 money saving household tips

11 Ways to Keep Money in Your Pocket in 2011

1. Revamp
Rather than splashing out on brand new pieces of furniture for your home, try revamping your old ones. With a little TLC, tired, worn items can soon be given a whole new lease of life.

Try sanding down and re-staining your wooden furniture or picking out some funky material to re-upholster that old chair. Even giving old cabinet doors a new lick of paint can brighten the look of a whole room without spending a fortune.

2. Re-use
As well as revamping your own stuff, why not try re-using someone else’s. After all, one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. If you’re looking for a specific item for your home – try websites like Gumtree or Freecycle before heading out to buy it new.

Many people will offer items they no longer need for free to a good home. Disposing of large, unwanted items can be a hassle and actually cost money, so you may be able to pick up some great freebies if you’re willing to collect items yourself.

3. Recycle
Don’t automatically discard old clothes as rubbish. Old T-shirts and tops can make perfect dusters and cleaning cloths. Simply cut them into squares to get several cloths out of one garment. You’ll never have to buy a multi-pack again!

Equally, old jars and bottles can be spruced up to make attractive ornamental candle holders and vases. By adding pebbles, beads or a coat of glass paint – you can enjoy a beautiful, new decoration for next to nothing. So, before dropping it in the recycle bin, consider what else it could become.

4. Natural solutions
Shop bought cleaning products can be pricey and also damaging to the environment. To save money and do your bit for the planet, try making your own natural cleaning solutions. For example, baking soda can be used as a natural abrasive and lemon juice has some stain removing, anti-bacterial properties.

5. Shop around
The web is a brilliant resource for comparing prices. Don’t underestimate how much shopping around online could save you. Mysupermarket.co.uk is a completely free website which allows you to compare supermarket prices to help you get the best deal on your groceries.


The above is a guest post by Munveer Garcha.

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