Always Kiss Me Good Night

Always Kiss Me Good Night Wall Decal

I have always wanted a word art wall decal saying “Always Kiss Me Good Night” to hang above my headboard in my master bedroom.  When I saw such decals for sale in stores and malls, I always looked for that saying to no avail.  And I was too cheap to have one custom made.  So I was ecstatic to find this one on eBay for only $2.69 with free shipping!

I would've preferred that “goodnight” was two words, but cheapskates can't be choosy.  Many other sayings are available on the cheap, too, but don't expect them to arrive before Christmas if you're looking for presents as they come from Hong Kong.  They are probably not near the quality of Uppercase Living, and the instructions are a tad hard to understand and install, but I'm not complaining.

Maybe someday, I'll have a husband that can always kiss me good night.  For now, I have a couple years left of kids at home to kiss and hug good night.

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