Senior Discounts: Enjoy The Savings

Senior Discounts

If you are 55 years of age or older you might not consider yourself to be a senior, however, many places do and the perks of it aren’t that bad. If there’s no money tree outside of your home and you’d like to save cash, the opportunity to do so is staring you in the face. Senior discounts are offered at many different businesses, and taking advantage of the discount is an awesome, free and simple way to reduce costs and have more money at the end of the day.

Restaurants are one of the biggest discounters for senior citizens. Many well-known and local establishments alike offer you a good deal not to miss. You can get anything from a percentage off of the cost of your meal to a free beverage if you are a senior and ask for the special treat.

Seniors who take advantage of a state safe driving course are also eligible for discounts on the cost of insurance. Typically insurance companies will offer a discount of about 10 to 15%, although this does vary from company to company. Not only can you improve your driving skills, you can also keep more cash in hand!

If you are traveling or otherwise need a rental car, look for an agency that offers a senior discount. Seniors are often able to enjoy a discount of about 20% when booking a rental car when taking advantage of this awesome offer. You can also get discounts with many of the top airlines, so do inquire before you book.

Take a look at grocery stores local to your area. Many will have one day per week dedicated to seniors, offering them a nice discount that can easily reduce the shopping bill. Typical 10 to 30% discounts are offered.

There are cell phones and cell phone providers made specifically for seniors, offering discounted service plans and simple and affordable handsets. There are also a couple of government sponsored cell phone programs available to seniors who participate in the SNAP program or who otherwise are low income. Check into these programs if you think that you might qualify. In addition, a number of top name cell phone companies offer discounts for their elder friends.

Senior discounts provide the chance to save a nice chunk of change each and every time you visit a particular business establishment. Do not be shy about asking for the discounts that you are entitled to and enjoy extra money that you otherwise would not have had.

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