Which Credit Card is right for you?

The Best Credit Cards

Consumer Reports (10/07 issue) rated credit-card issuers in order of reader score. Over 36,000 subscribers completed the questionnaire online and told their experiences with about 62,000 different credit cards. And these were the winners…

1. USA Federal Savings
2. Navy Federal Credit Union
3. Other Credit Union
4. Cabela’s
5. Nordstrom
6. American Express
7. Discover
8. National City Bank
9. Juniper Bank
10. Target
11. US Bancorp
12. Wells Fargo
13. Citibank
14. First National Bank of Omaha
15. Bank of America
16. HSBC
17. JPMorgan Chase
18. MBNA
19. Capital One
20. Direct Merchants

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