Why Knowing Your Rights Helps You Save Cash

Why Knowing Your Rights Helps You Save Cash

Its something you only ever hear in crime dramas on the TV: suspected criminals, being led away in handcuffs, shouting I know my rights.’ Its therefore likely that most citizens are a little unfamiliar with their rights as most do not plan on finding themselves in such a compromising situation. However unfamiliar or impenetrable learning your rights may seem, theyll cover your back in a variety of situations, leaving you protected not just from the malpractice of judicial law, but also from the financial impacts of lifes unstable moments. Here are some scenarios in which knowing your rights can be helpful for your wallet.


Theres a raft of legislation in place in the workplaces to help avoid employees being taken advantage of, granting them some rights which it comes to time off, redundancy, and all the other goings-on that can leave workers in the lurch with seemingly few options to help them. Being aware of the types of malpractice your employer may visit upon you – and calling them out when they do – will prevent your being taken advantage of in a wide variety of ways, whether it be to do with underpayment or a perceived mismanagement that you may be able to sue against.

Of course, its unpleasant and unnecessary for your employer to put you in positions in which you have to call upon your rights as an employee, but plenty of companies can be unaware of certain rights and so reminding them of these can be of use to both parties. In more acrimonious disputes in which youre feeling discriminated against, you may be within your rights to achieve compensation through employment tribunals that are there for employees with a gripe against their management. Consider your options and know your rights and youll be able to earn financial compensation from your company if they violate certain employment laws.


Perhaps the least-known of the rights enshrined in US law are those that govern material products that citizens consume. These include quality control, advertising and health effects, and if anything seems amiss in a product youve purchased, it may well be worth reading up on consumer rights in order to evaluate whether you are due some compensation. There have been some famous and successful cases in a last decade or so of individual citizens – and sometimes a band of citizens from across the US – suing huge companies for breaching these laws, winning those suing considerable compensation.

This type of monetary benefit can only really come from having a good idea of your consumer rights so that youre aware of when theyve been transgressed. Most often, companies are in no malignant control over how their products or services are negatively impacting the consumer population, yet they are still duty-bound to prepare to compensate where necessary. From airline delays to technological errors; poor customer service to harmful food – whatever you feel hard done by, you may well have a footing to launch a case against a company based on your consumer rights.


Personal injury in life is usually brought about on a random and unexpected basis, thus disruption everything from our social lives to our work progression, and any planned vacations or trips in the near future. The nature of injuries – being both painful and disruptive – means that theres good grounding for achieving compensation should you choose to sue; and in some cases, youll know there is an excellent case in which someone or something is entirely liable for the damage cause to your person.

Knowing your rights on personal injury is less about reading a constitution and more about contacting experienced attorneys who will be able to assess cases and their likelihood or returning a payout. Julie Johnson law, for instance, will provide advice and take on your case to fight for a range of personal injuries that might happen in the course of day to day life. Payouts will cover the economic disadvantages of being out of action through injury, as well as likely providing some cash on top as a compensatory gesture showing that you were wronged by the disruption cause in your life by injury.


Whether youre being placed under an arrest thats unwarranted, or youre defending your property from those breaking and entering, its important to know your rights not only to protect yourself against the crippling effects of a successful prosecution against you, but also to know when and where youre able to protect your assets from burglars or thieves. Each US citizen has unalienable rights against such a disruption to their life and their financial freedom to own property and commodities; knowing these can be useful in a variety of situations.

Perhaps the best-known right for citizens under arrest is the ‘right to remain silent’, though theres plenty more where this is concerned that will crucially avoid any injustice being done to your person. Its no secret that being prosecuted for a crime can lead to an incredible number of economic setbacks that can stay with you for the rest of your life – in terms of employment undesirability, for instance – so knowing how to avoid this through your rights in deeply important, whether or not you ever plan on committing a crime.


Wherever there are items of value in your life, its a good idea to insure them so that youre protected against those disaster scenarios that can take a huge chunk out of your personal wealth, leaving you feeling miserable and economically vulnerable. However, insurance companies have their own policies which may exclude certain payout for certain reasons, and its thus important to read any small print and to know your insurance rights so that you are not denied compensation when youve paid for a policy.

You might be insuring your vehicle or your home, your possessions or even your life, but in order to make that insurance worth it – for the peace of mind its meant to bring – ensure you are familiar with the policy and that you are doing all in your power to avoid violating its terms. There can be nothing more frustrating than having paid for a policy that is voided by your ignorance of the terms, so be wary where this is concerned.

Your rights don't only protect you as a citizen; they also provide sources of cash compensation when they are in violation. Know your rights across many of lifes areas so that you can make the most of disruptive situations in which someone else is at fault.

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